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Marketing Agency, but the right way!

We hear it all the time, that we aren’t like most other marketing agencies. We love hearing that and wouldn’t change a thing! We are a small, hard-working team that brings a personal element back into business. We are just large enough to get the results you expect yet small enough to have an actual relationship with our clients.

Marketing Agency in Ashland, KY - Tech Touch Marketing

We aren’t your typical marketing agency.

As a team, we take pleasure in collaborating with businesses that exhibit a willingness to innovate beyond the conventional norms of their industries. Our inclination is towards pushing the boundaries of marketing and striving for audacity. If you resonate with this approach, we would love to team up with you and help bring your aspirations to fruition.

Flexible and Adaptable Marketing Services Built on Lasting Relationships

At Tech Touch Marketing, we value adaptability and strive to remain flexible to meet the unique requirements of your business. We steer clear of rigid, long-term contracts that may impede your progress. We recognize that marketing demands are constantly evolving, and we are committed to adjusting our strategies to keep pace with your changing needs. Our ultimate goal is to build long-lasting, thriving partnerships founded on mutual trust and respect.

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“I’ve been in business for over 15 years and FINALLY, I have a website I like…well, love is more like it. Tech Touch Marketing did an amazing job on my new website and the most important thing of all, my phone won’t stop ringing! Business is booming and I only have TTM to thank for it!”

– Laura Martin, Owner of OHRBC

“Tech Touch Marketing was the easiest marketing agency I’ve ever worked with. These guys really know their stuff. I was amazed at all of the data they collected to show me exactly why we needed to take the next step. This has been a refreshing change and I anticipate this relationship lasting a long time!”

– Craig Dalton, Huntington Home Repair

Not Your Average Agency…

We Build Websites That Work!

There are a lot of agencies that prey on your lack of knowledge when it comes to this technical stuff. They’ll put on a good show, say the right things, and make you feel like you can trust them. 

They’ll charge you a premium then farm out the work for $5/hour to an inexperienced freelancer in another country. The end result is you might get a decent looking website but none of the “behind the scenes” stuff is taken care of.

You don’t need just a website! You need a website that works! One that will generate you customers and ultimately pay for itself many times over.

This is exactly what we do. Fill out the form above to talk to a professional today and see just how inexpensive it can be to not only get a great looking website, but one that will MAKE you money!

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